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WHEN: Sunday, December 18, 2011

PLACE: Red Lion Junior High School 200 Country Club Road, Red Lion, PA 17356

WEIGH-INS: Everyone weighs-in in the gym in singlet or shorts (see times below). Please arrive no later than 1/2 hour before your designated wrestling start time. Age as of day of the tournament.


WEIGH IN TIMES: 6 & Under 11:30 am               WRESTLING:            6 & Under 12 pm
7 & 8         1:30 pm                                       7 & 8         2 pm
9 & 10       3:30 pm                                       9 &10         4 pm
11 – 13      3:30 pm                                      11 – 13       4 pm

RULES: Experienced coaches will perform refereeing. At the start of each session all wrestlers will be lined up according to weight and division (Open or Novice) and put into groups of 4 (hopefully guaranteeing each wrestler three matches). NOVICE wrestlers are 1st year wrestlers only! Length of matches will be 1-1-1. Singlets are preferred and headgear is optional. Concessions will be available all day. 8 Mats and trees with group numbers will be used during the tournament!

This is intended to be a FUN and REWARDING experience for all wrestlers!

ENTRY FEE: Pre-registration $15.00 (must be postmarked by Tuesday, December 13, 2011). Walk-ins day of the tournament - $25.00

GENERAL ADMISSION: Coaches and Parents - $4.00 Students - $2.00 Preschool - Free AWARDS: All wrestlers will receive medals; 1st – 4th places.

MAIL TO: Brian Dahlheimer 5007 Faraway Drive Felton, PA 17322

Make checks payable to: Red Lion Wrestling Booster Club or RLWBC (No Refunds)

FOR INFO: brian.dahlheimer@bridges-inc.com 717-495-4125


Wrestlers Name (print clearly) ______________________________________  Date ____/____/_____

Address: __________________________________________________________________________

City:_________________________ State:_____ Zip Code:________ Phone:_________________


Birth Date:___/___/_____ Age:_____ Division (open or Novice):_________________________

Parent Signature:______________________ Wrestler Signature:__________________________

I hereby give this wrestler permission to wrestle in the Red Lion Elementary tournament and release all sponsoring bodies, their officers, tournament, officials, committees, referees and Red Lion School district from all liability. Furthermore, I agree that myself and my child’s coach will be responsible for our own and the wrestler’s conduct while attending this event.